Jerry McCool

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Pastor Jerry McCool has been serving the people in Auburn as pastor since 2007 when he moved here with his wife and three children. Since that time he has shown himself as a dedicated servant of the Gospel. 

In addition to Pastor, Jerry McCool also holds other ministerial positions in the UPCI, and is a well-known children's evangelist. 

Pastor's Wife/Worship Leader

Kim McCool

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Kim McCool has been serving NLC alongside her husband since the begnning. As pastor's wife her reposnibilities are many, and she is also the worship leader for the church. 

Sunday School Director

Amy Perkins

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Amy Perkins is the director of our Sunday School department and is dedicated to making sure that the children that attend NLC have a safe and fun place to learn about the Bible. She oversees a staff of several teachers all dedicated to ministering to our children. If you have any questions concerning NLC's childrens ministry, feel free to contact her.

  January 2020  
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